Visit to Hamilton, Butler Co., Ohio -- 10/14/1999

I went to Hamilton, Ohio to see what could be found about the Sterretts who were living there in the 1800's.  Ross township, Butler county is the burial place of Thomas Baxter Sterrett and the birthplace of Thomas Benton Sterrett, my great grandfather.  Hamilton is the county seat of Butler county.

Only a small amount of information was found.  The records in Hamilton start at about 1867.  It is possible that some records for Ross township preceding that date may be in Hamilton county (Cincinnati).  Ross township is now a suburb of Cincinnati.  It is amazing that a man (Thomas Baxter) could have 5 wives and reputedly 25 children and leave so few records with the county.

Here is the little that I found.  I have not had time to see where it all 'fits'.  Anyone seeing relationships that I don't mention, please email me at

Records examined in Hamilton include: deaths; births; guardianship; testamentary records; marriage records; wills; probate; strays; and sheep records.  I did not get to the deeds or criminal records.  I generally stopped looking after 1909-1913.  I did not get down to Ross township (graveyards, churches, and etc.).  I regret that I didn't think to look through the local telephone book!  I spent half an hour with the newspaper microfiche in the local library.  There is no index.  Searching these will be quite tedious.

birth- Alma Sterrett Feb 9,1906
father: William Sterrett   mother: Lydia Travis    Milford township
birth- William W. Beaver Mar 16,1856
father: Daniel Beaver   mother: Elizabeth Sterrett     Ross township
Ohio birth records did not record any details on the parents.
Elizabeth is the daughter of Thomas Baxter Sterrett and Mary ???

death- Elizabeth Sterrett 20 years old, May 1850
Ross township during childbirth
Obviously not the Elizabeth above. Possibles: Elizabeth Clark m. Alex W Sterrett;
Guardianship- Hannah Jane Sterrett
Guardian Joseph Garver April 27, 1869, approved June 7
Pete Smith - surety of $200
No detail on why she needed a guardian. Joseph Garver must have been a local lawyer.
He appears many times in the records. It is doubtful that he actually took in his wards.

Guardianship- Charles Sterrett, minor
Guardian Joseph Delaplane Feb 16, 1873
T. Beal, B.S. James- surety of $200
Joseph Delaplane is also a prominent local citizen.
Probate- Martha Jane Sterrett     July 19, 1873
Administrator: Robert C. Nickolas
Trustee: John Delaplane
Appraisor: Joshua Delaplane
Wills- Washington Sterrett     December 6, 1869, Monroe, Ohio
Executrix: Susannah Sterrett (wife)
Son: Samuel T. Sterrett
Testamentary Records- William Sterrett     January 24, 1865,
Settlement of Estate : $612.10 Joseph Garver, J Delaplane Garver got $160 for settlement and getting crops out of field and sold. Widow (un-named) got $238 + $50 the judge waived. Several small claims for $3 and $4.
Probate- William Sterrat     January 24, 1865
Administrator: Joseph Garvey
Filed statement re: estate
Don't know which William this is at this time (Oct 99)
Probate- Alexander Sterrett, a minor
May 4, 1804 Be it remembered that on application James Dunn is approved guardian of the person and property of Alexander Sterret, a minor aged 13 years or ther about, son of Alexander Sterrett, late of Cumberland County in the state of Pennsylvania deceased-- who with John Torrence(?) and Celadon Symms are bound by bond to the governor of the said state in the sum of three thousand dollars conditioned faithfully to discharge the duty of guardian.
I'm assuming that this is the Alexander (July 27, 1789-January 24, 1867) married to Elizabeth Baxter.  This and other information implies that Alexander's mother Nancy Moore must have abandoned Alexander after having come to Butler Co. from Pennsylvania.  The older Alexander died in PA.  Nancy was not mentioned at all, perhaps "having left already for IN. owing many people money".  Or, perhaps she too had died by this time.  The estate must have been sizable.  Other bonds guardianship bonds were $200-$300.
Testamentary Records- Alexander Sterrett, a minor.  April 1806.
Filing with the court: James Dunn becomes guardian.
Charlie Brae and Matthew Hueston posting bond.
note: Town in Butler county named Hueston, Symms family (above) prominent early settlers.
Wills- Eliza Sterrett     May 31, 1902
son William Sterrett $1
Grandchildren James Sterrett, Katie Sterrett equal parts
Executor: brother Jacob Shellhouse
Codicil January 5, 1906 appoints Mary C. Tucker executor -- brother Jabob died?
Probate- Eliza Sterrett     July 21, 1909
Administrix(?): Mary C. Tucker
Estate: $240
This was Eliza (or Elizabeth) Shellhouse -- see above/below.
Marriage Record- Alexander Sterrett, Eliza Ann Shellhouse     November 10th, 1854
by T. Burrows, Justice of the Peace
Is this a second marriage for Alexander after Elizabeth Baxter died in 1852? He would have been 65. Possibly another Alexander?
Alexander already had a son William by Elizabeth Baxter.

Marriage Record- Alexander Sterrett, Elizabeth Clark     November 2, 1861
by J. S. Miles, Justice of the Peace
It appears that Eliza Ann outlasted Alexander? Maybe this is a second marriage for Alexander and the above is another Alexander.
Marriage Record- Thomas Sterrett, Isabella Brazier     March 22, 1846
by Justice of the Peace
Confirmation of known data.
Marriage Record- William W Sterrett, Lida J Cooley     August 17, 1892
by Justice of the Peace
Probably not William Wilson Sterrett. Who then?
Marriage Record- Thomas B Sterrett, Emily A Stone     November 26 1862
by R Burrows, Justice of the Peace
Their son, Jesse, listed his mother's middle initial as E on his own marriage license.
Testamentary Records- Hannah Jane Sterrett, a minor.  April 1869.
(see above) account of his guardianship
  Received from U. State government


              Is this a payment on her behalf or was her father a veteran?
 1 Letters of guardianship; etc.


 2 J. Hannah(?) - Clothing


 3 Burial of ward - she being dead


 4 Pastor


 5 Dr. Scobey for Med Services


 6 Dr. Mallory for Med Services


 7 Probate Judge


 8 guardian's compensation


 9 Tombstone for ward


10 Clothing & maintenance for guardian




It appears that Hannah Jane had some medical problems.
She was a ward long enough to incur some maintenance expense.
The guardianship above was approved several months after her apparent death!

Butler Co. graves